Hi, I’m Iñaki. Here are some facts about me: 

→ I’m a Basque visual artist and graphic designer based in Madrid. I have a background in science.  

→ I can help you find a unique solution to your design needs with the use of a wide set of disciplines and techniques. I strive to make work that communicates. Work that feels fun and beautiful. 

→ I’m specially interested in projects that promote culture, inclusivity, sustainability and social change. 

→ On my personal illustration works I try to explore the ethereal mental images that emerge from day-to-day life, nature and memories, usually with the use of playful colors, geometric languages and generative design techniques. 

→ If you would like to talk about a project or find out more about the work I do, just write me an email to info@eenyakee.com or dm me in instagram.

→ As you probably figured out by my work, I’m a big music nerdddd.

Full CV available upon request
All work © Iñaki López Allende, 2021

Monday Nov 5 2018