Dabadaba 2.0 

Complete visual identity and art direction

Dabadaba has been for the last 3 years the place where I have evolved as a designer and as an artist. Altough my full time job there included a lot of CM stuff and event promotion, I was in charge of the art direction of the branding, most of the posters, the promo videos and the overall visual identity. 

With its recent renovation, we felt like a new identity was in order to represent the more professional, more club oriented, better sounding and overall more european feel of Dabadaba 2.0. 


The new arc shaped windows of the venue are the most notable architectural elements of the new venue, and we tought that visually linking the arcs with the already iconic entry to the venue through an art filled alley was a great idea for the logo. 


Part of the redesign of the identity included a renovated and more unifying approach for general posters and promo videos, trying to find a formula that could fit in the wide spectrum of artists and styles that visit the venue. Still, the amount of events is too damn high, so a yearly rework of the templates feels about right.